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Hello everyone, welcome to the official opening of the Game Cast Report. This site will be a bit different from your typical gaming site. To start with, as it currently stands this site is being ran by one person who has a full-time day job to contend with. This means that posting the latest news the second it hits the net simply isn’t feasible. On top of this one has many choices for a bigger games site that have staff that can post the latest news within minutes of the press release going out. Plus, who really needs another news feed to comb through? Not I.

So you may be thinking, what’s the point of this site then? No news? What can you have then? Make no mistake this site will contain news, with the amount of time I have to work on this site, I will be more selective about what I cover. I’m not going to take time to turn over an article about a game I don’t care about. I will find news stories that are of a particular interest, be it a single instance or a trend I notice and talk about them. It may be in a video format, it may be in an audio format, it may even be written out. This is something I’m still debating on what the best delivery method is. Each obviously has its pros and cons, (which we may look at in post 2). Ultimately I expect like most things, I will have a mix of all three over time.

Beyond these news stories, I will also try to cover some news, previews and hands-on. I currently host a PlayStation centric podcast on Twitch every Thursday night (around 8 Central) and will likely post the audio version and/or YouTube versions here as well. Streaming is another thing I’ve tried to get into. I have an idea for a streaming series that I may move forward with.

In addition to games, this site will occasionally touch on technology be it video streaming, hardware, software, accessories, the internet, board games, etc.

Anyone interested in designing a logo would be a huge help, Photoshop isn’t my forte.

If you have any ideas on other content I could bring to the site or stories you think I should talk about, always feel free to tell me in the comments. I’m going to make it a point to read all of them if possible.


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